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ShadowKiller will take care of disabling window shadows. I haven't tried it though as I ran Panther on the iMac.


I had Tiger on my iBook but that was 800Mhz and had the 32MB Radeon card so it was a bit nippier.


Yeah the Java updates for 10.4 are ridiculous.


For tweaking the system I swear by OnyX. It's also good for general maintenance. The link for the Tiger version is at the end of the post under Related Links.

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Thanks Proto. I take a look at Shadowkiller. I had Tiger on my eMac 800mhz and it was great, even better when I overclocked it to 1.27ghz. I think the G4 vs. G3 makes a big difference. I had it on my Blueberry iMac from a few years back, but didn't use it much -- mostly a Classic machine -- so I don't remember if it was pokey or not (I'm sure it was). I do use Onyx and running it is on my list of things to do after killing Dashboard and Spotlight (when I figure out how).


Here's a thread with good info on tweaking 10.4 for older machines:


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defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean YES


killall Dock


You don't actually need to kill spotlight, once it's indexed the first time there shouldn't be a speed penalty. Shadowkiller will give you better performance, Tiger uses far more horsepower then older versions of OS X for the GUI and the Rage 128 isn't up to the task so you're burning CPU cycles for pretty shadows.

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