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Fix the broken hinges on your Newton 2x00 with a coathanger!

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So a month ago I was at a convention when I dropped my Newton from waist height. Of course the Newton survived but the hinges for the screen cover exploded and the two pins flew somewhere never to be found.




I put it aside until I got a brainstorm. Use a coathanger.




Some research showed that most wire coathangers had too heavy of a wire guage. You had to roam dollar stores or steal one from a second hand store to find one of the cheaper ones where they decided to use the lightest gauge wire for the task. You don't need much. About a centimeter is about it.

Assemble everything together and you should have something like this.




The tape is for the next step. You're going to have to epoxy it together and once you do that there's no turning back so make sure that anything you don't want sticking is covered.




If you don't do this or you suck at applying SMALL amounts of epoxy, you get a mess.




If you didn't screw up, your Newton's door should work perfectly fine again.



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