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Warning! Exploding Maxell PRAM Batteries

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And here we go with another one:




Good thing is only one of the two went off. Looking at the metal shield I was wondering how those batteries actually go off - more like slowly leaking or are they gassing out explosion-like once the sealing is getting weak enough?

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2 hours ago, ScutBoy said:

Win? Sorrow and woe




PS - that might be survivable - won't know until you get the crud cleared off and can bet a better look.

I have started the process, I will start a restoration thread in due course. So far it's looking like ~10 traces are damaged. This is a multi layer board so I'm not massively hopeful for it to be honest.

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Didn't realize they were still using Maxell's in the G3 Era, but I opened up my Blue and White yesterday to a tasty treat.  Luckily it seemed to clean up fairly well and I was able to boot to the flashing question mark at least.  Not sure if the drive in there works or not, or if there's an OS on it.  This week I'll remove the motherboard, desolder battery holder, make sure it's all cleaned up below it, and clean the rust/acid that made its way to the hinge, and pop in a new holder.  Also check on my iMacs and remove the batteries in them I guess!







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7 hours ago, Scott Baret said:

They used them even later than that...I have an iMac G4 I really need to open up sometime; it's been in storage for a few years and I know it's only on its second battery...


*nervously looks at the iMac g4 in my projects pile*


Guess I know how I'm spending my weekend

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