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due to a change I am going through in life (and a turning point into being a free person) I am moving out suddenly from where I am, have a nice job lined up, except I am having to leave 3/4ths of my stuff behind. Not a light decision, but I was unable to sell some of it, I don't have time to sell it, nor do I have place to keep it.


So I had to get rid of some of my important possessions that probably comes close to $1500 altogether. These include:


PowerBook 540c

PowerMac 6500 w/ G3 upgrade

My old AMD Opteron x2 175 Server with 80GB HDD and 2.5GB. Rackmount

Rare PC and Mac cards

Farallon EN/SC Ethernet to SCSI adapter

Apple Personal LaserWriter

Nice speaker system (logitech)

Several Pentium III Laptops (All capable of Running XP, 2k, 9x, and OS/2 Warp 4 as well as NT 4.0

Several expensive cards including Hardware RAID cards

large hard drives (think 400GB+)

Lots of expensive vintage RAM (30-pin, 16-32MB 72-pin, old mac 64MB RAM from the 7xxx8xxx9xxx series). processor upgrades, wireless cards (including PCMCIA 802.11b that works with mac)

LCD Monitors which I spent some money on, KVM switches, Processors (including some that are selling for $90 on ebay at the moment)

Whole PCs (some very new)

Ethernet switches (Cisco 2900XL 24-port 10/100 w/ 1Gbit up-link module)

Lots of books (IT Mostly, some that cost me originally $100+)

as well as a lot of software.


I just watched $1500 worth of stuff walk out the door for practically pennies on the dollar (I made $17)


However! the good thing is my friend evan (a vintage mac/pc head) has agreed to take it all. While it's not going to be going to junk/random people, a friend of mine which does vintage mac (and has several PM G3's, G4's a G5 and vintage macs including old powerbooks) has graciously agreed to take it off my hands.


My room is pretty bare now with a few select things I am keeping, amongst them are:


MacBook Pro (Early 2008)

ThinkPad T400

Desktop with 60GB SSD and 2TB which I recently built

my new Dell PowerEdge 830 server with 2TB of space (3ware/LSI hardware RAID card with 128MB cache).

my friend's Game server

my trusy PowerBook Pismo (400Mhz OC'd to 500Mhz and 1GB RAM with USB 2.0 and 802.11g airport compatible cards)

a Samsung ML-2510 Laser Printer.

some networking hardware, and about 5 LCD monitors. as well as my nice non-yellowed Apple //e (enhanced)

a spare PC.



So while I got to keep things, I am moving from my already considerably small room, into an even smaller room, and I am having to move all this stuff to a new place.


I have decided to undergo a change in life that has necessitated restructuring and re-prioritizing stuff in life, letting go of all this stuff and starting a new life where I am in control (some people on IRC know about this and I can say it's now all behind me) and taking charge after letting excuses fly too long gives me a fresh breath and new direction with my life.


Soon I will have my school complete and will be a Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator and found a company that will hire me on w/ A+ and Network+ and a promise to promote me within 1.5-2 months after I get the Server 2008 Admin certification.



So this $1500 loss is going to be turned into a situation where the old stuff will be taken care of, and I will be heading off in a good new chapter in life.


Wish me luck!

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I wish you the best in this endeavor, I've gone through similar changes in my life, so I salute you for doing so while under control.


My changes have been more the "Phoenix rising from the Ashes" gig rather than your planned metamorphosis into an IT Professional. Congrats and bon voyage, comrade! :approve:

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I wish good luck to you! Do look forward in life and modern IT, it pays more :) (and you can always come back, collect and hunt old macintosh later).


I should do the same, concentrate on modern side of IT not looking backwards for much more.

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I am in the midst of moving out (took several boxes to the new places today) will be doing more tomorrow and the big stuff (dresser, bed, etc...) on wednesday which I have recruited my friend (which I have helped him move last week) to help with the heavy lifting.


The new place will be ready and I will be moved in on wednesday.



I did the interview and I am unsure how it is going to turn out. I got a lot of questions I couldn't answer, and even more that I could. A lot of the questions stemmed from corporate MS Outlook which I have little experience with (It's Level 2 support) so I will have to see. The recruiter company thinks I have a good shot, especially since you arrive for work at 2 AM every day and leave at 11 AM (the area I would work in deals with europe mainly, this includes Spain, Italy, Chile, UK, India) so it has weird hours that I was told a few people dropped out (makes it better odds for me). At latest I will know by friday, If that doesn't go through, I will be looking at other options.


I am quite a bit of a night owl, so this is the perfect time. Then I can go to school/study during the day. Gotta get off my arse and get this Certification!


Either way, my friend was shocked



The server was packed in a box that I told him the only way he would get what's in it (without telling him what it was) was to pay me $1/box (filled with goodies) and $10 for the large box.


I did a game and told my friend that if he asked what was in the box or even mentioned he had a clue he forfeited it (I wanted to see his reaction to that).


When he got it home, he called me up thanking me profusely for the server since he has been wanting one to play with. The server was ready to go out of the box but he has to provide the OS for it.


Meanwhile, my toys are being relegated off to virtual machines to play with stuff. Oh well. My servers will be migrated to the new place in a few days, which includes my personal server as well as my friend's minecraft server.

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Thanks, now I gotta get my body clock setup. I have to be in to work by 2AM CST6CDT (GMT-6 for all of you) and work till 10:30AM that morning. So as soon as I get home, I am going to have to sleep. either way, I think I will have fun at the job. I filled out the paper work so I should be good (as well as the good ol' drug test. Bah!) so I show up monday morning.


I have a good idea how to set my body clock up, and that is to stay up from 8:00AM tomorrow (wednesday Feb 8th) till at least 11 AM thursday (the 9th) and crash immediately after. I should be able to crash/reset my body clock so I would be good to go. Keep the schedule up for the next several days and I will be good to show up.


Either way, I decided to play with a new toy tonight that has nothing to do with coffee. I liberated the Ye Olde Perculator and am trying to make coffee. it's taking a while though. Even on a gas stove it is still going without starting the perculation yet. Anyone mess with alternatives to making coffee?



I am partial to the french press short of a decent coffee maker than can get the water really hot (best to start out with filtered cold water, and have a coffee maker get it really hot to extract the flavor).


Never really messed with a perculator. It will be interesting (or disgusting, I have seen varying reports on the net as to the outcome)

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