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Mac IIci Haul w/040 card and magneto optical lot

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This was quite a find on my local Craigslist. I paid $100. For that I got:


Mac IIci - good condition, 32mb ram, and a DayStar 040 card, with a 1250 MB internal drive (wow)

Apple Color Monitor

External CDROM drive that works

External MAGNETO OPTICAL drive that takes 128MB 3.5" disks

About 30 M.O. disks full of Mac software including strange chemistry and botany software packages

One (1) large actual SUITCASE full of floppy diskettes holding bizarre and varied Mac software, thousands of floppies

One (1) large BOX 18"x24"x20" full of floppies, more M.O. disks, boxes of UNOPENED M.O. media (128MB), and keyboards/mice/cables for everything


The IIci works like a champ except the sound. I'm assuming it's capacitors. The motherboard is in great shape and very clean except a few leaking caps that need replaced. No visible damage to the traces yet. The 1250 MB drive is full of games and internet software, so I assume this thing has visited the modern internet.


I was reluctant to pay $100 but I'm glad I did. This is an awesome machine. T

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That is almost an identical setup and amount that I paid for my IIci. :D


May I suggest you buy a custom ROM SIMM as well? Can't go wrong with a completely personalized IIci. 8-)


Also, the IIci was really easy to recap. Nice and open motherboard, nothing in the way. Just be mindful of the programmer and restart button. It's in there really tight and a little difficult to get out. I'm always worried I'm gonna break it.

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