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Powerbook 5300 Video update card for 2$

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I thought I'd already posted this source, but ISTR that I'd only PM'd somebody about it.


I ordered three of the 5300/EN versions but got 2 and one Video only instead. Both seem to work fine, but one has displayed some interesting characteristics.


Haven't tested the 10bT as yet, but I found my second PCMCIA boot disk and there's a crossover cable sitting on my desk!


Super5300ce™ - 180 MHz ProcSwap-n-Clock Chip Hack

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Found them, and referency stuff:


1.0.2 is the version that shipped on the original disks.

1.0.4 is available http://homepage.mac.com/alk/downloads/MV1.0.4Installer.sit.hqx

The 2.0 beta is available from, surprisingly enough, the wayback machine, http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/http://www.focusinfo.com/support/drivers/MV16%20Updater%202.0.sea.bin

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