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Grabbed a few Portland Craigslist lots:


2 working SE/30s

2 Classics (one working, one not)

1 SE "FDHD" badged

1 800k external

1 Apple 3.5" external

1 Apple 5.25" external

1 IIGS ADB keyboard

2 short board telephone style keyboards (one in styrofoam box)

2 extended telephone style keyboards

3 Keyboard II

1 soft compact Mac carry case


Total: $50

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My bad - it's two Keyboard IIs and one Keyboard (I).


Also - the FDHD has a hidden upgrade - a Quantum LP hard drive install on some aftermarket red aluminum sled:




So it's dual superdrive and an internal HDD. It also has the programmer switch in the side. Claris CAD is installed on the HD.



Oregon has been pretty good with the old Mac stuff. I drifted out of the vintage scene for a while after I got divorced in 2006. It seems like 2000-2005 were the boom years for finding discarded Macs and accessories for virtually nothing. The amount of stuff I had to throw away when I moved makes me a little ill today.

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Older Macs weren't really cheap until 1998-1999. The best deal I saw pre-1998 was a stripped LC at a secondhand computer store for $25 without a monitor (I don't recall there being a keyboard or mouse either). I'm not sure if it even worked. In the mid-1990s, a compact could still fetch a few hundred (keep in mind a Classic II could have been only two years old in 1995).


Pre-eBay, the best way to get them was through the classifieds in your paper. Remember those? They didn't start turning up in school surplus or yard sales until around the time eBay came along. You could also check a computer shop to see if they had one sitting around. I got a Plus at a store specializing in upgrades in 1999 (this was the first Mac I bought to go alongside my LC and essentially the one that started my collection). It cost $50 and came with 4MB RAM, MS Works 2.0 (including every manual), a dust cover, and an external hard drive (a 20SC case with an 80MB drive inside). Original boxes for both the Plus and hard drive were included. (The only missing items were the little yellow disk protector and the Mac Plus manual). The man who ran the shop tossed a pair of LocalTalk boxes in for free so I could connect it to my LC. He also had a IIx and some sort of LC/Performa 500 series for sale. (I still have that Plus--it's one I'll never part with).


School surplus was huge from 2000-2005. Many of my Macs were acquired that way, including an iMac G3 (in 2005!) and a Color Classic. (Schools usually had tons of IIes, IIGSes, Classics, LCs (all models), occasional SEs or Pluses, a ton of ImageWriters, and later on the 5xx/5xxx computers in these sales).

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I replaced two capacitors in the PowerBook 140 screen and it has come back from the dead. Unfortunately, the Conner SCSI drive inside is dead. It spins up but won't read and it looks like someone was aggressive in taking it apart at one point because they gouged the heck out of the adapter SCSI chip. A nice, big stab to the pins on it from what would appear to be a screwdriver from the side. Pretty mangled.

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Went out junk shopping with my wife today. Picked up a Powerbook 100, Powerbook Duo 270c with adapter and battery charger plus a graphite Airport base station (no adapter) for $10. Then happened upon a bunch of sealed Apple floppy labels, vintage stickers, a Powerbook floppy drive expansion bay module and an Atari 7800 for $5. Rounded it out with five pro mouses for $3 each.



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I found I couldn't resist original boxes ... I bought the Wallstreet on Portland Craigslist for $30. The thing looks brand new. Not a scratch on the AC adapter. It came with all the original boxes plus two batteries, all the doc, software and the original leatherette pouches for the CD-ROM and ZIP drives. Probably one of the nicest machines in my collection now.


233MHz G3, 512MB L2 cache, 192MB RAM, 2GB HDD, CD-ROM, Zip100, Mac OS 8.6.

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Nothing major but I found eight 32MB 72-pin FPM modules, an AppleDesign keyboard and a Power Computing ADB keyboard for $9 today.


Pitz is hooking me up with a NeXT monochrome monitor this week so I should be able to find out if my NeXTStation Turbo conquest will boot. :)



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