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Used Newton for college notes!

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Today I'm proud to announce that I used my MP 2100 to take notes for an entire period of Chem 121!


It worked out fine. I used HW recognition mode for outlining and ink text for examples/equations. It was useful and fun! (ANYTHING to make Chem 121 more interesting. Chem is my least favorite subject).


I already use my Newton for my college schedule, reminders, and alarms. I hope to add email access at some point (my coll's .edu accts. don't use SSL, oddly).


So, just wanted to share that little successful-live-retrocomputing story with you all.

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I use a MessagePad 110 every day for calendar and notes at university. Handwriting recognition is off, so I use "electronic ink" for writing. I also make a lot of sketches on the Newton.


I sync the Newton with a PowerBook 3400c/240 at home, which is connected to a networked HP LaserJet for printing. Old tech is still usefull !

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