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Fully boxed G4 Cube and Monitor

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Hi all,


Just got a Power Mac G4 Cube in the original box and almost complete. It comes with everything except for the manuals, software, and the VGA cord. However, it did come with everything else, including the cable ties for the cords, and even the covering that goes over the Cube.


The Cube also came with the matching monitor as well. As you can see from the photos, this was delivered to the University of Melbourne on the 29th August 2000, package 8 of 15. This makes it even more amazing that pretty much everything was kept, including all of the packaging. Looking at all the contents, the machine has had virtually no use. The clear plastics have no swirling, the keys have no wear, it just seems in great condition. My only complaint is that one of those anti-theft tabs has been stuck on, and I'm not sure how to get it off. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!


The whole setup is near museum quality, except the boxes have seen a little wear. But at least I have them, so I can't complain!


Only need to find the VGA to VGA adapter, the CDs and the manuals/docs to have a 100% complete system. If you have these, I'm interested! Might upgrade to 10.4, as 10.2 seems really outdated now.


The best part? The owner was moving overseas and sold it for just $50! Best bargain I think I've ever gotten.





























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My other Cube now has an error when booting, and I've been told I might need to reflow some solder. Not sure, but it's on the list to be looked at.


Found the CD set I bought for the Cube last year for $3.50, so now I have the disc set too! Just need to keep an eye out for the rest now.

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Very nice score...I remember playing with that exact same setup when I visited a Buzzle (a long gone chain of Apple resellers) dealership back in 2000...even though its been 11 years, the design hasn't aged one bit.


Either way, at $50 the price is certainly right. :)

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... Woah!


I would say you got a great deal on your cube, considering I paid about $450,-- for mine, which isn't nearly in as good of condition as yours. From what I can see by your screenshots your Cube is in nearly pristine condition, which is AWESOME! Mine may not be in top physical condition (few nicks and scratches here and there) but I don't like it any less.


Makes a great *compact* machine for botch Classic and older versions of OS X, especially if you can source some extra RAM and a Radeon 7500 Macintosh Edition (both should still be readily available on eBay). The Radeon definitively made a BIG difference performance wise in OS X.


Again, congratulations, definitively a great conquest!



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