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Firefox 6 on Tiger PowerPC :)

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I'll have to try this out on the G5s at the office. Thank you for this effort. It has been one of the things preventing me from replacing those G5s with Dell 280s.


Spank you Google Chrome. :p Darn version number creep...


Google Chrome never makes a big deal about advertising their version number. Chrome is at 13 now, and if you look, there's a lot of differences between, say, chrome 3 (if you can find and isolate that executable) and Chrome 12 or 13. Google's policy of "iterate quickly and frequently" is working in their favor pretty significantly here, if I do say so myself, and it's better to think of Chrome as a piece of software that doesn't have a version number, but just keeps improving. It's kind of like a web site in that way.


Firefox, on the other hand, hasn't really done much that I can see between 4.0 and 6.0. 6.0 should probably be called something like 4.2 or even 4.0.something. This is doubly true if the Mozilla folks are having public disagreements about the version numbering.

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Final is being uploaded to Google Code ( http://tenfourfox.googlecode.com/ ) as we speak (as well as a blog post to the development blog, http://tenfourfox.blogspot.com/ ).


Because Time Worthless still has its corporate thumb up its rear end, I haven't been able to do much testing of it other than what I could surreptitiously do in the back corner of the local Starbucks on my iBook G4. I'd appreciate people banging on it. If there is a serious problem, I did do a security review of Fx5 so we can run off an interim TenFourFox 5.0.2 if there are serious showstoppers in 6. However, the iBook has been doing fine on 6b1, so I expect no issues with this one.

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