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I Has a Quicksilver!

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It's the 2002 model. (LBA48 yayz0rz!!)

Boots to ? folder.


Single 800MHz (Arrrrgh the lowest-end of its model run :disapprove::disapprove::disapprove: ) No L3 cache either!!

Combo drive

60GB HDD in unknown condition - aftermarket, label at the back says 40GB (Was disconnected from the IDE bus but still screwed down in the disk tray - I don't feel good about it, given that it's an IBM Deathstar)

32MB ATI Radeon 7500


In generally good condition externally. No abrasions on either Apple logo, some minor ones on the front and side caused by swivel chairs.


However, it is ABSOLUTELY FILTHY inside!!


No large dust bunnies, but totally clogged with black powdery dust that will make your hands look like a coal miner's after merely unscrewing the disk tray!! 8-o


What is the most efficient way to get rid of all that muck? Rent an air compressor, dismantle every part that's not welded together, and blow the heck out of it?

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Actually the lowest end quicksilver is 733MHz.


I own one.


But yes, take it apart and stick all the parts in the dish washer, no soap or heated dry cycle.


I did this to my thing apple keyboard when I accidentally spilled something on a couple keys, also stuck my PM 8500 mother board in there as well. Let it dry for a week, but flip it end over end to make sure no water is sitting under the chips.

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