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Sad eMate 300

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In another random bout of incredible intelligence, I decided to pick up a confirmed working eMate 300 on eBay. It was cheap enough, so hooray!


Now, it didn't come with a power adapter. I went out and picked up a 6-12v power adapter @ 2500mAh with the requisite adapter tip, and plugged it in. Hooray! The power light came on!


...and is now blinking rapidly. When I press the power button, nothing happens. When I reset it, nothing happens. This is true whether the battery pack is connected, and whether I use 6v or 7.5v on the adapter. (Some people had reported that 6v worked better on their universal adapters.)


Does anyone know why, perhaps, the eMate's power indicator would be flashing rapidly instead of remaining solid?

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Now, it didn't come with a power adapter. I went out and picked up a 6-12v power adapter @ 2500mAh with the requisite adapter tip, and plugged it in.

According to the eMate 300 owner's manual, users should refrain from using third party power adapters, as they are known to cause damage to the unit's power supply. As a result, one should only use the authentic Newton 9 watt adapter that originally came with the unit (the same concept applies with Quicktake 200 owners. If a user wishes to connect their QT to a wall outlet, as opposed to constantly relying on batteries, they can only use the AC adapter that originally came with the QT. Ironically enough, the QT AC adapter was an option, but that's another story for another thread).


Unfortunately, it would appear that you've "innocently" fried your eMate's power supply by using a generic power adapter, hence the abnormal phenomenon with your indicator light, and the fact that it refuses to power up.


Btw, did your eMate come with the original battery pack, or a rebuilt one? Mine came with the original, and it still holds a decent charge, considering it's now 14 years old.

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On re-reading, I see that the battery angle was already covered. Two further thoughts:


1. Check that the ROM card (under the battery cover, at the right as I recall) is properly seated.


2. Another thing to note is that occasionally a Newton will not turn on until reset. I have had this happen to me more than once with NewtonOS 2 devices, including in one case with an eMate that had been stored for some years and that I bought on eBay. There are two distinct forms of reset possible. I would try both, but would anticipate the need for a hard reset, which is not a bad idea anyway, as it restores the machine to factory defaults. The base software is all in ROM, and more can readily be added, so don't fear the hard reset — and be patient, as it takes a while.


Mind you, it would have to power up in some sense in order to work....

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Hilariously enough, after plugging the CORRECT adapter in, NOW I smell ozone and burning electronics. I think my eMate is toast.

Man, that sucks. At least you now have an authentic Newton adapter in case you bump into another eMate.


Nevertheless, you should still inspect the innards of your current 300, and follow Beachycove's advice.


If all else fails - and it's a ride off - keep the case, or sell it.

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