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What is the Maximum OS for an Imac G4 800 mhz

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The official minimum install for 10.5 is 867 MHz; so your model *JUST* missed it. Although 10.5 generally can be made to install without issue on systems that are just under that spec. I have a G4 Digital Audio, one generation older than the minimum-supported for 10.5, and it installed just fine even with a 450 MHz CPU, using an OpenFirmware trick. It ran just fine when I upgraded to a dual 1.0 GHz, and then to a single 1.5 GHz. It also runs fine on my minimum-spec PowerBook G4 867 MHz.

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You can run 10.5 if you want. 10.5 generally takes more memory, but is generally faster. Much new software requires 10.5 as a minimum, plus you get Time Machine.


In my experience, 10.5 is slower. (At least on 1GB of RAM or less, which for a lot of G4s is the absolute- or practical max.)

Also note that you lose Classic.

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