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Winter & 300 Baud

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Looks like I'll be out this time as well, too much going on... as for 300 Baud, it will be out "sometime" after xmas. If anyone wants to guest-host the WW, send me a PM.


Well, that's a pity! :( I expect school to get in the way of me doing anything (will certainly try though, if I don't forget), I somehow have very little time, personally. Too lazy, and behind. Glad to be off of school for Christmas though. Best of luck to anyone else who is participating. Hope you can find some time for general comments at the very least.



Does this mean the website will be cold and silent as winter outside??? I hope not...



Hurry up and finish 300 baud! Or we shall make an eternal joke of you forever! :p

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I'll probably sit this one out and wait for the summer. I'm going to get my special education certification over the next few weeks to go along with the elementary ed degree I just completed, so I'll be pretty busy. I'll make sure to check in on the happenings though--definitely interested to see what everyone will be up to!

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