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Making Newton eBook pkgs...

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So guys.


I have an OMP here now, courtesy of macgreg... I'm currently working on using a VM with serial passthrough to run NCU for Windows... as soon as I find my serial cable that should be able to be done! :D


The next question I have is - How does one make an eBook for a Newton? I can see many eBooks on UNNA but have no idea how to physically author one - what software do I need? How would I do images? (black-and-white GIF would be a good intermediate working format, but what does the Newton require?) How would I create .pkgs from in Windows? Do I need software that runs on System 7 using Basilisk or something?


Any answers would be incredibly useful!


Thanks kindly!

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K, and how's it done on the Mac?


Seems I have no hope in hell of doing anything from either Linux (unixnpi) or my Windows 3.1 VM (VirtualBox + DOS 6.22 + Windows for Workgroups 3.11 + NCK 1.0) ...


My 5500 is being very naughty and not behaving, so I'm going to try either setting up my Quadra 605 to talk to the Newton. Here goes nothing, hah.


(Where to get Newton Book Maker?)

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