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Homebrew PRAM Batteries

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On 4/10/2021 at 8:04 PM, jessenator said:

3x LR44 battery holder

Are these available from somewhere? I’d love a smaller than 3x AAA holder for my 630 and 6360.

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20 hours ago, Fizzbinn said:

Are these available from somewhere?

Well, mine is a 3D print and requires a bit of DIY-wiring. Here's the printable file I used: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:81229


Stole the bit of velcro off the bottom of a 4.5V brick, used a bit of sticky tack for extra security, but I might just hot glue it...


It looks like there's provision if you had a board-mount solution... but I just needed something hold them. It's a bit bodgy, but I get 4.5 (~4.6-4.7V on my Fluke) from the wire terminals. We'll see how it holds up after I solder and heat shrink the old battery's leads :lol: 

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I recently bought a pack of these 2032 holders with switches and a length of wire. They worked perfectly for the IIx, where the batteries are underneath the drive bracket and are also needed to boot the machine. I soldered them to the battery holder leads and then routed them above the drive bracket and mounted with velcro. Works great. Easy to access and you can turn them off when putting the machine into storage.



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