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*twitch* Apple //c FPD apparently for sale on another forum

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Okay, I'm a greedy bastard, I'm not going to name the other forum for fear that someone will outbid me. It's not an Apple forum. But someone has posted that they just came in possession of a //c Flat Panel Display, has no use for it, and is wondering how much it's worth...


I haven't seen any go up for sale on FleaBay recently, so I have no clue. Anyone bought or sold one recently? Have any vague gauge on a value? If my "bid" is sufficiently low that I'd feel guilty taking it for that, I'll happily point people in the right direction.

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It's one of those things that's too uncommon to have a predictable market value... I've seen them go for upwards of $600. If it's the Apple branded one it's got more value to a collector, but I believe the equally rare third-party ones are supposed to be better.


Hopefully the seller doesn't really know what he's got and you can swing a good deal...

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the apple one is a rectangle, weather it shows a full screen display or not ... I thought not, I thought it was only a half screen (or its squashed bigtime)


anyway there was a 3rd party one that had a full 4:3 lcd in it, it was advertised heavily in A+ back when (I will have to dig around my dad's house to see if he still has some of those old magazines)

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