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68k Programming Guide

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Nice work! It's good to see a quick-start for using MPW. One note, pressing 'command-return' is equivalent to using 'enter' on the numpad.


@Nathan: I'm fairly certain you can compile 68k code on a PPC with MPW. I've never done it personally. I started Mac programming with Codewarrior's Discover Programming kit and it only allowed 68k builds. I switched to MPW so I could compile for PPC. I'll have to look into that...

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Yes, it's quite possible to do 68k development on a PPC. I believe you can even develop System 6 apps, although I haven't tested it yet.


I'd like to expand the tutorial to the point where it introduces the user to all the basic Toolkit functions and guides them through the process of creating a standard Mac application with DAs, menus, saving and loading, etc. It will probably be a work in progress for a long while though, there's a lot of ground to cover.

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If there are any tips on targeting specific CPUs, e.g. how to make use of '040 features with or without leaving out '030 machines, that could be interesting as well.


I'm more interested in Unix programming than Sys7 programming, but that's beside the point.

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Hi, since I'm currently unable to edit the Wiki I have decided to continue my programming guide on Google Sites temporarily until the wiki is fixed.


The start of the tutorial is here:



Yes, I did finish the third part... two years later. I'm a student, I have to work around a schedule. ;) Hopefully I'll get a few more pages done before something else sucks up all my free time.

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