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New Retro Computing Magazine!!

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Ladles and Jellyspoons!


It is with great pleasure that this evening at 12.30 midnight UTC i am

able to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity.


An opportunity that you will, i hope in memory you will also share

with your children upon the time you reach and revel in your quiet

days of dotage.


An opportunity that i hesitate to actually speak.

Speak; for i fear that i am unworthy of the privilege and honor of

this announcement.


I know of no other way.... i will just utter forth...




There... it is done.


The announcement, the secret thing... a new retro computing magazine

has been birthed to the world, and you, you my comrades, brothers and

kin folk are here to share it with me.


Click on the link and see the marvel.


A marvel that is - 300 Baud Magazine - the newest retro computing

magazine, this side of the 21st century.


GO! - CLICK!! - BUY!!!


(costs for running of magazine - its the fun of it, not the cash)

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all going well, issue two will be out at the start of May, the 1st was the plan, but we are running behind a few days.

anyway, by the time we get to issue three we want to then start offering back issues as free PDF downloads.


hope to see you for issue two - the paper version.



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Sounds good to me, couldn't get the first due to being too busy to notice it had gone out of print. Might miss the second due to monetary shortage by way of outlay to buy an Apple IIe, but I'm glad to hear that it's going well enough to consider a second issue. I hope to be able to buy a copy then, and will definitely read the first issue as a PDF when it's available. If you succeed and ever reach the point of a 5th or 6th issue you should offer a limited copy paper re-print of a paper set of all 5/6 of them.

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I can say with some degree of certainty that we won't be doing paper reprints – it's just too labour intensive to print off one or two copies at a time.


Number 2 is coming along nicely (in spite of wgoodf's pessimism – my chaotic workflow and inconsistent demands are going to kill him) and *should* be ready for May 1st.

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How big is your print run? Are you taking advertising? Any interest in retail sales? I know a zine shop local to me that would probably stock an issue or two.



Print run is small. We meet demand each week as the orders come in from the website.


Advertising? Thats a difficult one.

Advertising for money? No probably not.

The whole thing is being done for cost pretty much, actually generating money would change the feel of it a bit and also make it answerable to the people who bought advertising. As it is, it is purely a hobbyist and purely for the fun of it endeavor.

Free advertising, you know, reciprocal stuff would be a different matter. All retro goodness supporting each other, that sort of thing, then yeah.


In the shops? That sounds interesting, but for the life of me i cant imagine making that actually work. Interesting idea tho.

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I received issue #2 yesterday but only had a few minutes to thumb through it. Looks REALLY good!


thats nice and quick!


we tried to stand up further from issue one, glad it seems that way too.


tell your mum, she may want an issue too!



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