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SCORE!!! Curb: PM G3 B&W!!!

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Just found this on the way to a shoot. In Brooklyn I found on curb a powermac g3 in fair condition. It has 2 HDs and 1 is scsi. It has no RAM but like 2 SCSI Cards. There's also a grahics in there with some extra card attached to the back. It looks like an ATI card.

Also with it was an iMac g3 indigo which to kids took home when they saw me with the powermac. And also a maccally bondi keyboard.

It looks like it will serve me nicely as a server.

[EDIT] OK here are the specs from the back of the machine, 400MHZ, 256MB (None there but I have some RAM), Modem, 9GB U2SC (?), Keyboard, DVD, ATI Rage 16MB.

Good find?

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So is that fast? If the Macally keyboard is still there when I am going back I will snag it. And I will strip the iMac as well of the Ram and (Hopefully!) Airport card.

If I had a screwdriver in my bag (Which I may) I would dissect it right there on the street. I REALLY wish I could take it, but I already have two and they are huge. And Indigo is not that different from bondi/blueberry. If I were to snag another iMac G3 It would have to be a different color, and near my house. And this iMac is none. So it is good for parts. iMac G3s are just a commodity on the street these days. They have valuable parts though.

Oh the Horror, look at me rejecting a curb machine xx(

No but I have never seen a BW G3 on the curb. There was one in the lab that I have been scoping out for a while, and now it's part of an art project, but this one I Found will serve me much better because of it's higher specs. In terms of condition the other BW G3 in the Lab is better, but I may be able to snag it, and I can cluster these server babes up. I'll install 10.4 Server on this G3, after I see what valuable things it has on the HD. And I get to use my ADB Peripherals. This machine is useful because the SCSI Card has the 50Pin Connector used in the much older macs such as the IIci and the SE, so I can actually get data off of those now.


On the video card, it has a piggyback device with a brand on one of the larger chips "C-Cube Microsystems" Under that label on the same slab of silicon reads "ZIVA DS-L"

The IDE Drive in this machine is 25GB Big, and is IBM Branded. It is connected to the main ATA Channel.

This machine also has the ZIP Drive. It looks like a skilled user was inside of this Machine and upgraded it because everything is nice and clean inside. And it seems this is a custom config because on WikiPedia it seems that no BW G3 ever came with 256MB Stock.

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Yeah, I know! I am excited, with the release of Snow Leopard we'll be seeing all kind of curb things. Some day PowerMac G5s!

But this machine is the cutoff for newworld machines :) It where they began.

So, none of the other things were there. I am kind of wondering if I should have taken the iMac, but it comforts me to know that two poor looking boys took it home (Maybe). I just hope it had RAM in it so that it does not seem broken to them and it goes to the trash can in the sky.

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Can't say I ever seen a complete computer out on trash day (there are people with trucks who roam around looking for things to fix/resell around here), but they do tend to end up on freecycle. Someday soon G4 towers will be in the take it away phase of their value and I will snag a few for the collection (OS 9 native booting versions).


I do wonder what becomes of the software for those machines, you never see that when they get recycled. PPC native versions of software should be cheap to find someday soon.

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Man, the B&W sure has come a long way over the past several years. Back in 03 I paid $400 for my first B&W and that was a pretty good deal (for a 400MHz model). I saved long and hard to be able to afford that thing. Its hard to believe they're literally worth nothing now.

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Nice find! I have 2 B&Ws but only one is in working order (I stripped the other one for the most part). They really are great computers, especially for free, I got mine at the local college, curb scores are non-existent here AFAIK.

Out in New Jersey, Princeton area to be exact, you can find some stuff on the curb such as CRT TVs and CRT Monitors, and other bits. But the yard sales... They are a whole other thing, the yard sales are amazing! Since the people in that area are like high-to middle class they have all kinds of computers at rock bottom prices. I got my pristine Apple][e for 40$.

The next day that same guy was selling an LC3 kit, but my dad did not let me buy it :(

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