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LaserWriter 12/640

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Well I'm back to working at the old Apple shop on campus as the resident Apple Tech, and just to sweeten the deal my boss gave me a LaserWriter 12/640 which appears to be in mint condition. I don't have any serial or AAUI adapters to test its functionality, but I have no reason to believe it doesn't work. The toner cartridge even feels like it has stuff left in it.


Eventually I'll get back to my warehouse (aka my parent's house) I'll grab an ethernet adapter and see if I can't have myself a great little networkable laser printer.

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My dentist has one of these that the receptionist tells me is to be discarded sometime in the next 12 months. Naturellement, I have put in an order with the good woman.


I presently have a LW Pro 630 and a LW 4/600, one at home and one at work. The LW Pro 630 is a great old workhorse with ethernet, localtalk and Centronics connectivity, but is rather noisy and is certainly too big, whereas I like the size, silence and low power consumption of my LW 4/600. It is, however, a good deal slower than a LW Pro 630, and is limited to localtalk connectivity.


In the case of the LW 12/640 you have the ideal combination of both: the machine is reasonably compact, uses low power on idle, is silent on idle, and yet is powerful enough for any mainstream B/W printing chore (12pp per minute being pretty darned good). It has all the ports of the LW Pro 630, yet it also matches my 8600/300 604ev, which is a favourite.


Come on Dr. D—r, time to have it out....


Among the helpful features of such high end LaserWriters from days of yore is the fact that all their ports are active at once: localtalk, ethernet, and even Centronics will thus receive print jobs at the same time, seamlessly. So, they are ideal for use with the mix-mash of old machines that most of us have.

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LaserWriter 12/640 was my first LaserWriter (I got it in a lot along with a 4/600). I think it was about two years ago when I first got it. Served very well in my apartment for a year, with two roommates printing from Windows XP using LPR and me printing from my G5 on AppleTalk. Now it's at my mom's because her LW 16/600 was having feed issues (I still need to install the kit to clear that up).

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