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We should have a forum spy!

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Hey everyone. I was thinking about this great 68K forum, we all know it is a small community, but the information is vast. It's a very tight community as well.

Sometimes I wish I could watch all of the posts happen in real time, and not have to go Sub-Forum hopping looking for a new thread. Some other forums have this, but they are WAYYY to big for it to actually be useful, so I think 68Kmla is a great place for one.

Kinda like this one http://spy.macrumors.com/, but this forum is huge and its so crowded. But in the case of 68K it would be perfect because the post amount is lesser.

Thanks for reading!

If this makes no sense ignore it

Just an idea :)

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I think we are fine as-is.

If you want to see the new posts without all that effort of looking for them(it is so hard isn't it? Just cannot click that many times and look.. :p) then just hit the "View new posts" link at the top rightish of the page.


lazy kids nowadays *grumbles*



oops, took too long and wacky ninjad me. :p

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