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Starting the Retrochallenge

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I have posted my lasted blog on my xanga site (where I have posted my entries in the past...)




Or http://www.xanga.com/doctorclu should also work.


This year I have decided to dedicate time to finishing up the project I started in 2008, which was to have to all Atari consoles with flash solutions and ready to kick others around in the high score clubs on http://www.atariage.com


I have finally got all the parts together to have a setup that covers the 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 800, Jaguar, and hopefully before July is over with the Lynx as well.


So I'll be posting my results on the Xanga site, which should also be announced on my facebook site, and I'll also post on the "bClu" board on the Retrochallenge BBS.



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