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One of my Holy Grails found!

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I finally have a conquest worthy of mentioning! I recently acquired an SE/30. Turns out the battery is all corroded and damaged the motherboard, and the hard drive is dead but I don't care, because.....it has an Xceed color 30 and an Xceed grayscale 30 in it!


Anyone ever recover from a corroded battery: Corroded SE/30 Battery or is this my board to practice soldering caps on?




P.S. Xceed manuals available here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=9930

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That's some pretty bad corrosion you have there.


I'd suggest pulling the battery ASAP, and desoldering the battery cage / terminals and cleaning the mobo. Make sure no traces are damaged and that those lower chips whose legs are covered in corrosion can be cleaned up also.


Nice score on the Xceed and SE/30 also.

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That's not too bad. That will most likely clean right up. Scrape it off first, then go back over it lots of times with alcohol-soaked Q-tips until they stop turning brown. Then you know you got basically all of it off of there.


It's somewhat important not to turn it on at least for very long until you clean it pretty well.


It doesn't look bad to me. I had one way worse than this (a 6100) and just scrubbing with Q-tips like that did the trick. Battery goop had also gotten into several small surface-mounted chips like that and they turned out fine.

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