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Tandy conquest

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I know it's not Mac, but I found an absolutely killer lot of Tandy stuff, mislisted on ebay. A Tandy 200, with literally everything you could want. Previously owned by the USDA and a guy named Bill, both of whom never used it much, judging by the great shape it's in. So it came with the Tandy 200, CCR-82 cassette recorder (the nicest model), a Tandy TRP-100 printer (with ribbons and thermal paper too), acoustical couplers still sealed in their bags, a pile of associated cabling and documentation (some still sealed), and the Tandy 200, and CCR have their original leatherette cases in nearly mint condition. And a blue canvas carrying bag, with the Tandy logo and a shoulder strap. All for $36. And the Tandy 200 is supposed to be rare too. 8-)

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