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Acer Aspire One Battery

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Today I checked the mail on the way home from school and happy to see that my battery arrived. Brought it home and opened it up.


It is a 7800 mAh battery, a little big, though considering that the computer isn't that big or heavy to begin with, I am happy.


The only problem with it is that I somehow must have ordered the White version for my Blue computer, Since it was shipped from Hong Kong I doubt I would make a fit about returning it. 7 hours of battery is worth it, plus if I want the sleek and light form factor I can always use the factory battery.


With the raised back end of the computer it makes it much more comfortable to type on when on my lap. It also improves the feel when I have it on a table.

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Sweet deal. Laptops always seem awkward to me when used on a say, a kitchen table. If the table is lower then where my hands come from, it seems normal for some reason.


I'm uncertain here... You only reject the tables that are higher than your shoulders?


To be serious though: 'grats. I'm thinking about getting another battery for my Eee, though the current 6h battery life is quite good.

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