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IBM ThinkCentre M50

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You can still put OS X on a machine WITHOUT SSE2/SSE3 if you use the Voodoo kernel, which is a fork of OS X's default kernel. Technically, using Voodoo, you could even put OS X on a Pentium II or III. }:)}:)}:)

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/me dreams of running Mac OS X on a early model PIII.


Certainly possible, but it would be slow. I am going to be trying to install OS X on my Pentium III-S 1.4GHz when I get it (that's the fastest PIII chip out there, faster than some P4s).

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On the X86 there are 3 types of instructions:

Integer instructions(most code)

Floating Point instructions(complex math,needed an FPU on 386)

Vector instructions(comparable to altivec called MMX,SSE2/3/4)


The Hackintosh OS X emulates vector instructions on A PIII using

an earlier version of the vector extension.


Most OS X system code runs in integer instructions,

so expect slowdowns at running .apps like garage band or gimp.

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I say a car computer. I have been looking at converting a EEE 700, 701, or 702, but these machines are really compact little beasties. This might work in a pickup, SUV, or possibly a van. :D


Though if I were to go with the seperate CPU path, I would want something that is compact enough to fit in my glove box, as I drive a station wagon, and I need my cargo space.


I might just give up and put a core solo mac mini in it so I can have the remove control, but the thing is gonna have a touch screen anyways, and the IR reciever might be blocked by the fact it will be in a closed box.


these go for over $200 at micro center, so nice going!!

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