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Hey thanks, I will try that out. As far as one of them goes, I am sure the mobo is toasted. It has a burn mark on it on the bottom where there is an visible break with solder joins around a chip. It looks almost as if there was an explosion under the chip! I hope it is a power button or a battery on the other one though. I cant see any problems on the mobo, but the components are small. The thing stopped working one day when i was watching a movie on it. It just shut off. It was pretty weird.

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Here you go:


Thankyou!! And just when I need one too.

You're welcome!


I found a pretty big archive of those manuals a couple of months ago, so now I've got a bunch of them; mainly old 68k's and current. Just let me know in case anybody needs one particular…

I'd be happy to upload them somewhere, but if I'm right, it's still highly forbidden to share those little useful pdf…

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