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Very random conquest indeed today...I went to a store known as Half Price Books to see if I could find a few new albums for my car on cassette. I was specifically looking for Foreigner's "4", The Police's "Synchronicity", and Depeche Mode's "Songs of Faith and Devotion". I didn't find any of them but on the final rack was another one of my all time favorite albums–"God Shuffled His Feet" by Crash Test Dummies, which I've had on CD for some time but never had on tape.


For $1.07 (which included 7% tax) it was mine. It played beautifully on my car stereo and brought back memories of my senior year of high school (when the CD was the soundtrack of my life).


Pretty good (and cheap!) conquest if you ask me. I also looked in the Mac book section but found nothing older than OS 9. (I was hoping to find a Larry Pina book or two).

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which I've had on CD for some time but never had on tape.


Tapes really dull with age.


I was very fortunate to find one that played well. I bought Chicago 17 at this same store a few months back and parts of the tape were very much warped/didn't play well in stereo. I also wore out my copy of "Black Celebration" by Depeche Mode, which I bought used.


I love CDs because they never really wear out. I've got a few that I've had since 1990 that still play like they did 18 years ago. Scratches are the only thing that can get to a CD (I've only had that happen once).


Unfortunately, for those of us with 12 year old cars with tape players, there is no other choice. I had a cassette adaptor for my Discman but it wore out over time and I can't find a replacement. I also refuse to install a new stereo--I'm a firm believer in stock radios because they make the car look more natural. (There is nothing worse than a vintage vehicle with a big stereo system sticking out like a sore thumb no matter how good they sound). I may look around the web for a new adaptor someday, but only if my tape collection wears out before my car does (and considering my car is a Volvo, it will probably outlive every one of my cassettes).

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(There is nothing worse than a vintage vehicle with a big stereo system sticking out like a sore thumb no matter how good they sound)


That's one of the reasons I love my 14-year-old Subaru: 1-DIN (or 2-DIN) stereos fit perfectly in place of the factory head unit with no adapter plates or bezels, and the dull gray Pioneer head unit, with its light blue lights, matches the rest of the dash/console fairly well.

My '91 Civic needed the bezel, unfortunately, as did my '91 Primera, and my '91 Beat needed an entirely new center console to be able to install my new Kenwood deck as opposed to the missing factory tape player, though it all looks really cool now.


Good score on the tape, btw - I'm always a fan of picking up tunes, whether on a tape of some sort, MD, CD, or vinyl.

On a tangent, I always thought it was funny that the Crash Test Dummies' faithful cover of XTC's "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" was well received, whereas the original wasn't.

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All this talk of aux inputs etc.


A few years ago I pulled factory stereo out of my truck which had a CD player. I replaced with with an old Pioneer tape head unit I had laying around, just because it had AUX inputs so I use my iPod or Siruis radio. So a small step backwards and for a huge upgrade.


In my Z3 I tracked down a BMW CD changer -> Kenwood interface converter. I plugged a Kenwood Sirius receiver into it. So now I have Sirius satellite radio that is controlled from the 12 year old factory tape head unit.


Which is nice because I get modern convinces without having to worry about theft. Cause who is going to bother stealing a tape radio.


I also agree with you on the upgrades. I thought about upgrading the head unit in my Z3, but all of the dash and gauge lights are red. All of the aftermarket head units I have seen have blue, green, or white back lighting. That would really stick out and would be distracting at night.

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