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Apple nVidia GeForce 4 MX 64MB AGP

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Need to get ready for my PowerMac G4 I am getting from MacDan :D


So I figured, why not get a decent card? :D


It may have been expensive, but anything other than a Rage128 Pro AGP has got to be better. I have a Radeon (original) PCI for a PowerMac G3 that I have, but I want to use the PCI Bus for something else. a Gigabit Ethernet card, a PCI SATA card, and leave the 3rd slot open. More Bandwidth makes better use :D


I also got a G4 Dual 450Mhz module to put in it. That is if it will take Dual CPUs (if it's got a Uni-North rev other than v.3) It's a Sawtooth. Not sure what Uni-North it has, but I am praying that it will take them. If not, I will sell the CPUs for some decent money (Paid very little for them) so I can get a faster Single-CPU for the machine. Maybe a 600Mhz CPU?

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