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Just a thought for next year, that popped into my head.


How about a section for submitted challenges, for others to take up if they wish?


ie: We think this is possible, and we're putting it out there for anyone who wants to have a crack at it.


Prompted by: the System 6 browser thread, and luddite's comment

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I had actually thought about that, but in a slightly different context... I thought it would be cool to "sponsor" some ongoing challenges (like the MUD being discussed on the BBS). I doubt too many folks could whip up a browser in a month, but if we proposed the challenge and offered a nominal prize to the first successful entry it might help keep the interest level up between RetroChallenges.

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This would be pretty good, so long as the challenges are reasonable in that an individual can tackle them in one month in their spare time. The skill level of contestants is pretty varied with some totally hard-core folks and some who just want to play games (like me). :) A variety of challenges that would appeal to different levels of skill would be appropriate.

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Well, I was thinking they'd be open challenges: anyone can post one, anyone can take one up. Some would be relatively simple, some would be mindbogglingly ridiculous.


Perhaps a voting system could give each challenge a "degree of difficulty" rating.

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Hmmm, sounds neat. However, I think it would be best to post proposed challenges in a special board on the BBS, since the BBS really is THE place to do things like the Retro Challenge. Why we even bother with the web board is beyond me.


As for me, my next retro challenge will most likely be something with shape tables on apple II. I'd like to make a game. Something tells me it's not going to be easy though, since I recall that shape tables are slooow. Oh well, I have an Accelerator IIe card, so that should help.

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