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And we're done!

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Well, that's another RetroChallenge done... as is customary, I'll give the entrants a couple more days to wrap things up and document their progress (if any) before turning things over to the judges.


A few thoughts about this year's proceedings: although we're still cursed with the traditional 50% drop-out rate, I found the successful entries were quite compelling this time round, and the contestants really had a good take on what it's all about. The BBS was busier than it's ever been, and there was a lot of good discussion going on.


I really enjoyed the input from the new BBS "regulars" and I hope everyone will continue to haunt the boards after we officially wrap up.

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A little late, but here's my official thanks to Luddite for running the comp and thanks to Lorance for hosting the BBS. I had fun reading everyone's blogs and look forward to the next round.


The BBS was the most fun part for me. My thanks too! And I still check in... would check in more but ran out of login time today.

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