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Would this be possible?

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I don't even know if this would be, but hear me out:


The newton handwriting recognition lives on in Mac OS X as inkwell. It only shows up when you plug in a graphics tablet. There are ways to hook a newton up to Mac OS X to sync it.


What if when you plug in a newton, you run an app on it that makes it emulate a graphics tablet, so you could use it's touchscreen in OS X's inkwell.


This is all assuming someone can write an app for the newton that would make it send it's tablet data through the serial port (or someday, over a wireless connection like wifi or bluetooth).


What does everyone think? I assume if it were to work, the newton's touchscreen would be recognized by inkwell because the two are related, but not entirely sure.


Hey, one can dream.


-digital ;)

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Someone did actually do this, in the Classic OS of course.


So it'd certainly be possible, although improbable. You would need to write an advanced enough driver that made the Newton look like a Mac serial tablet to OS X. Then you'd also need a USB/Serial adaptor for any hardware newer than a beige G3. ;)

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