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I have a *really* good reason to change mine

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...or, "Can I start early?"


I know I said that I couldn't do an endurance challenge real well, but on the night of 10 June, my Pismo was forcibly removed from my service without my consent; while I'm trying not to vicariosly relive the theft by retelling every detail, my hope is that it's alive still, possibly on eBay so I can get it back.


[Already filed a police report and called every pawn shop and computer broker in the tri-county area.]


In the meantime, all internet access at my apartment [this post included] is from a Performa 6360 in all its 640x480-16-bit-color glory.

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If it was a PowerBook 5300 the thief would soon be brought to justice when the battery self-detonated...


The 5300 also makes a good bludgeon, as I once demonstrated to a would-be mugger.


Had I been carrying my Powerbook 160 instead of the 5300, he would probably be dead (sharp corners on the PB160!!)

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