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FrankenPC... Aren't they all? :)

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From the flea market today:


* Compaq Presario 5461 case with a dead motherboard and no memory/hard disk

* IBM Aptiva motherboard with a P3-667mhz processor


Combined with a bit of work and a video card from a Dell Precision workstation I have a FrankenPC! :)


I just have to be careful. The little power supply is only rated at 95 watts. 8-o

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It would be even nicer if more people would come to this one. The number of people coming has gone down sharply over the last few months.


So far FrankenPC is behaving itself. There's not much room in the Presario case for much of anything. There is about 1/2" clearance between the CPU fan and the back of the hard drive cable.

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