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Hello guys,


I got this little Apple IIgs a while back, but I've recently been playing with it some more. I thought I'd post some photos. I found it at a thrift store for a steal. It included a IIgs, and two different floppy drives - all with their boxes. The IIgs was the most complete, with most of it's packaging and all of it's booklets and manuals basically mint!


Later on I found another IIgs at the same thrift store, it turned out to have a loosely wired PSU, but inside it had a SCSI card, a Memory board, and what I think was an upgraded Processor card. I put the SCSI card in the working IIgs and got it to even read an old Zip 100 drive as a hard drive. I was going to install a system on it, but I'm new to this stuff and it gave me an error about the installing the operating system onto the drive. Most likely the Mac IIci I used to make the boot floppy wasn't done just right.


I've had my fun with it and I may even sell it down the road - btw I wonder how much it would be worth? But I'd thought I'd share some photos of it with you guys. :)


Link to photos here: http://flickr.com/photos/53927661@N00/tags/iigs/


Update: More photos here: http://gallery.mac.com/ibook238#100210&bgcolor=black&view=grid

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Well thanks for the response, but I don't know if I'd part out the whole system just yet. I was hoping if anything maybe somebody would want the whole bundle. But if I decide to I'll talk to you first. [:)]]'>


I think I have photos somewhere of the cards. But I haven't even tested anything but the SCSI card, and I wouldn't want to sell you a broken card. [;)]]'> These items are in my parent's house in PA, so next time I go I'll be sure to post more info.

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I believe one had the name "Zip" on it - I think it was the processor card or whatever it is. One card had a cable running to a ROM on the main board and seemed to be attached to it somehow.


I really can't remember, but by the end of this month I'll be back in PA to take some photos for sure. [:)]]'> I do believe the SCSI card is Apple branded however.


Thanks for all your interest!

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Ok so I'm in PA for a few hours and I found the two cards.


Here is the information I could find by reading it off the cards, photos will follow.


Card 1:

Zip GSX Ver. 1.02 - This has a lot of switches on it and a cord leading to "CPU UI8" on the main Apple II board. It's in the third slot.


Card 2:

Applied Engineering GS RAM II (1990) - This is in the Memory Expansion port. On the back written in marker it says "THH4890".


You can view the photos here: http://www.stevenmatarazzo.com/apple2cards/ :)

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oh come on.. "I have no idea". I highly doubt this...


The zipgsx is prob worth at least $100 USD at the other place.


EDIT: just saw the pics. Well - I'll offer $100 USD for both. Could you please keep all bidding in the thread?

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oh come on.. "I have no idea". I highly doubt this...


The zipgsx is prob worth at least $100 USD.


If you could do some pics and keep all bids in the thread I'd be interested in making an offer.


Yeah, and I just saw a similar GS-RAM card go on eBay for around $80. Of course I'd test these before selling them. I'd probably get around to testing them in a few weeks since things with work have been busy.


After I get everything tested I'll create a proper selling post. Thanks for your interest. :)

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