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An 800MHz G4 CPU is more than enough for Tiger.


Whether it is more than enough for Tiger and your apps of choice is purely subjective.


That being said, I don't know anyone who does FCP editing or Maya on an iBook. I think you should be just fine.

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I am not so sure about Leopard. Oh it'll run ok. However that 32MB GPU is going to slow things down a tad. The overall user experience should be acceptable though.


I'm just not so sure about running Leo with a max of 640MB of RAM and that various apps for the user, plus background apps. I think it would be interesting to see what kind of performance he gets out of it.


Ibooks are nice machines. Someday I would like to own the original 500MHz IceBook. I was always intrigued by their looks and I know a 500MHz G3 is plenty fast for OS 9.

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Well, they theoretically do have access to the source code. In the form of Darwin. That's how XPostFacto was written, and Apple never took any legal action against that piece of software.


Of course, it also depends on at what level Apple removed G3 support. If it is solely in the kernel (which is open source,) then an XPostFacto-like hack could restore it. If it is in the GUI (which is closed source,) then we're out of luck. (Just as how 10.3 removed 603 and 604 support, even with XPostFacto. Although 10.2 didn't support pre-G3s until a later release of XPostFacto; it is possible that the current lack of support is due to lack of XPostFacto development effort, rather than technical impossibility.)

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.....I don't know anyone who does FCP editing or Maya on an iBook..../quote]


I use my 1GHz iBook for FCP projects. It's not super fast, but I don't ever feel like I'm waiting for the iBook to catch up when doing stuff on the timeline and so forth.... rendering can take a while though but I just set that to go overnight... bigest render so far has only been a couple of hours anyway. Oh and exporting to various formats can take a while too....but sheesh ya gotta remeber it's just an iBook ;-)

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Thanks for all the help, guys !


Is "Tiger" a free upgrade download from Apple.Com or do I hafta buy it ?

Sorry for the silly question lol


Just make sure you put as much memory as you can afford into that thing ....

I have 1 GB -- is that OK ?




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