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New to Newton... MessagePad and MP110

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Hi all,

I just recently acquired a MessaagePad and MessagePad 110 for cheap. I got the MP110 to boot with normal batteries, and it originally came with some diagnostic software on the 2mb flash card, but then it would just randomly turn off. So, I removed the batteries and card, then reset the power manager, and it worked. However, now, when I put in the card, it is not recognized. How do I use the card properly? How do I make this beast useable?


The MessagePad (H1000) does not have the special AAA battery pack. Where can I get one of those? It did have its original Apple stylus and a carrying case. The MP110 is missing its stylus; should I try to troll eBay for a replacement, or jsut get a generic one?


Thanks for any beginner's guidance :beige:



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Hello Mr. Macintosh - and welcome to the world of Newton. Styluses are very cheap - I've seen them as low as $1 a piece on eBay, so definitely go that route. The battery packs (and chargers - did you get one of those?) are rare, but there's a guy in Germany (www.pda-soft.de) that does them, I think.


As for the flash card, that might just be dead. I know mine went out soon after I got my 110 about a year ago. They have little batteries in them, and once those go, it's gone. But flash cards you can grab from eBay, too, and diagnostic software can be picked up at www.unna.org - along with everything else.


Good luck!

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