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if you have the game in original form nothing says you cant have a copy of it, if you don't have the game in original form then that is where it gets into a gray area.


emulators are not illegal, its more the games that is the questionable matter, but it depends what the situation is.


its almost like those mod chips for consoles, the chip alone wasn't illegal to sell without the software on it. it was illegal when the software was sold with the chip or the site that sold you the chip provided a download link, with the software installed it was a different matter. that is why you had to hunt down the software yourself.


Newtendo is just like the mod chips, they provide no illegal downloads and is up to you to find rom's

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You guys do realize this is illegal, right? Read Nintendo's site...they do not permit any emulation of consoles except their own Wii Virtual Console.



The emulators themselves are not illegal, since they violate NO copyright. Think about it-- you can make a "knock-off" product, we see them every day from the Chinese, and not violate copyright laws. The code of the emulators is copyright the authors, NOT Nintendo.


What is probably illegal, though, is owning ROMs without having the source cartridge. Therefore, YOU do not own the program code on the ROM cart/file. Nintendo does.

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There are "homebrew" games legal available.


Most of them for 2600 because that system is most challenging.

A 2600 emulator may run fast on Newton OS if properly recoded but may

look very different in grayscale and input is a bit difficult.

NES emulation may require a good optimizing compiler even

for the 2100 and perhaps some assembler coding.Things like a SNES

seem not very possible to emulate,because the ROMS need to load somewhere in your RAM.A 16bit Palm OS device may be better to emulate

because the Newton is similar but much faster and has a bigger screen.

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