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The SE/30 got away from me, and for $138.00 plus shipping, who cares. But I did manage to snag a Classic II for $29.00 plus shipping. I do need to get a mouse though and was wondering if any one could suggest a good source for picking up an ADB mouse. At least I think I need an ADB mouse, this is my first vintage Mac. I'm not necessarily looking for the original Apple mouse that came with the Classic II, just a mouse that will work with it. WeLoveMacs.com looks to have some cheap mice, but I'd like to hear some recommendations from those who know.

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That M2706 mouse (Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II) is newer than the Classic II, but the teardrop shape is good in the hand. Older mouses have been quite plentiful in the Vintage list of eBay recently. Someone seemed to have a crateful of NOS rectangular mouses for a while, with BIN as low as USD3. The older mouses are very positive, if a trifle clunky. Just be wary:


A2M2070 has the DB-9 connector (pre-ADB)

M0100 has the DB-9 connector (pre-ADB)

A9M0331 is ADB

G5431 (Apple Desktop Bus Mouse) is ADB

M2706 (Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II) is ADB



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