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Think Reference?

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The "Developing Software" thread motivated me to search for "Think Reference". I have owned a copy of Think C 5.0 for well over a decade but never bought the Reference product.


So I did a Google Search, and I found this page http://www.thinkreference.com/updates.html which seems to indicate that MacTech magazine has control of Think Reference. I thought that Think Reference was a Symantec product, long discontinued. Is this MacTech "Think Reference" the same as the old one for use with Think C?


Now to get this MacTech version, one must order the MacTech CDROM. This looks kind of interesting in its own right, because I've turned up some interesting articles in their magazine when searching the net for Mac techy type info. So having a CDROM full of their old magazine issues could be kind of cool. $49.95 is a bit of a stretch, but maybe doable.


Then I noticed a note which states that the MacTech CDROM requires Mac OSX 10.4.5 or higher!?! Is this website a joke? http://www.mactech.com/cd/


Surely there is a market for such a valuable historic resource amongst folks who aren't running the latest Mac OS?


So I click through to the "Buy It" page out of curiosity. $49.95. Then I Backed to the previous page. Then clicked on "Buy It" again, and now the price is $29.95. Back and forward again and now the price is $19.97.


Well $20 sounds much more doable than $50. In fact for all those back issues of MacTech at my fingertips it sounds like a fantastically wonderful deal. But not if I can't view it because my latest OS is 10.2.8 and they require 10.4.5.


Ah well, I sent their customer service email asking if the 10.4.5 requirement is real and pointed out that many folks interested in the older info on the CD might not be running the latest OS.


Still, this Think Reference, seems to be an updated product containing vastly more information than the old Symantec product. Would it have the integration with Think C that I think I remember being touted in Symantec's sales material? Should I be looking for an old used version instead?


I guess I should have spent the $100 (?) back when it was still a supported product from Symantec, but buying Think C was a big enough bite back then.

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I would also love the MacTech CD, but seeing as the material is online I have never bothered looking into ordering it. The old MacTech and Develop articles are great stuff, and often the only place to find the info I'm after these days. It certainly seems bizarre that the CD (and so presumably the new THINK Reference) requires OS X 10.4!


If I recall correctly, THINK Reference integration with THINK C only happened quite late in the piece - with THINK C 6 or 7, and by then THINK C was going rapidly downhill as a product.

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