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I can pick up a Pismo configured as:


Powerbook G3 400MHz Pismo

768 MB RAM

New 40GB 5400 RPM HDD


Apple Power Adapter

Powerbook G3 (Original Apple) battery (holds a great charge)

Mac OSX 10.3.9

Microsoft Office 2004


for $250.


It's for my wife to do email and web. Whattaya think?



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Offer $175, then 200...


10 months ago I picked up a Pismo that was perfect... I mean it was PERFECT! NO marks, no nothing - mint screen, mint keyboard. 384MB RAM, wifi card (NOT airport) , DVD drive and a great battery


Sold it on ebay for $400

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I say $175 as well, $250 is really high. A year ago I got a pismo/500 for my dad with 512mb RAM and no HDD off the LEM swap for $125. If you wait, you find good deals.
true just depends on what u are willing to pay for it
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IMO $250 is fair for the machine config listed. That being said I would offer $225 and see if they bite. The only other thing I would do to that Pismo would be to pick up a second battery.


I used to have 2 batteries in my old Pismo. Man that laptop could run for 8+ hours on battery alone. Sadly I sold it to help pay for the Ti that this post is being made on.


Pismo's are great machine, I'd be all over that deal if I didn't have my Ti.

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When all is said and done, a Pismo is just a G3, and I don't know if DVD movie playback works under OS X. Last time we needed batteries for a older machine (Lombard) it still cost around $100 and it turned out to not hold a charge very well because it had been sitting around Micro Center for years.


On the other hand, fresh batteries for white iBooks are definitely available, and because of the recall a few months ago, it's even possible yours will have a fairly fresh one.

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I don't know if DVD movie playback works under OS X

On my G3 tower it does work but is not really smooth enough. In OS9 it locked the whole machine up when I tried to play a DVD, possibly because of the hacked Apple DVD Player that I had to use (on OS X I didn't need a hacked one for it to work).

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I love my pismo. I have 640mb of ram, an airport card, and 10.4 everything runs fine except flash video(like youtube). i get about 8 hours of battery life just websurfing

i got my replacement pismo battery from the seller "wholesalelaptopbatteries"

Here's one for sale on their website

The batteries are fairly freshly made too, less than a month old.

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no...it really isn't. i own a 500MHz Pismo and i can safely assure you that anybody who would buy that over a G4 or newer intel machine as an everyday laptop is a fool.



I have used the G4 and intel laptops, and I would still take the Pismo over them. Maybe drop in a CPU upgrade and max the ram, along with a fast hard drive. My Pismo is so nice and comfortable to use, but the new ones feel like cheap crap in comparison. I even like my Wallstreet II laptop better than the Pismo for that reason.

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