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Dual booting Ubuntu 7.04 and Mac OS 9 on 1st gen Powermac G4

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Is there a way to make a separate partition of Ubuntu 7.04 without harming my Mac OS 9.2 install and dual boot between them? I've been gathering music resources for a game I'm making, and don't want to lose them. I've gotten a lot of stuff on my 40 gig Maxtor, and don't want to lose it in the switch. I suppose I could just boot from my OS 9.2 CD and copy files to my USB flash driive from there. Anyone know of other ways?

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I would second the suggestion that you just buy a cheap second drive and drop it in. You can partition it with one of those bootable Linux based partitioning CDs, but as with all major disk maintenance, there's always going to be risks.


I managed to partition my drive without losing data most of the time, but it did fail once and lost all of my project data in the process.

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Yeah, you can partition ithe disk in the installer. It's not that hard. As with anything that messes with the partition table of your HDD, there's always the risk of data loss. Make a backup of your current setup and give it a go. That's one nice thing about OS 9, is that you can just copy files over and have a complete backup :)


7.04 is nice. I have it on my MacBook and it's great.

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