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2000 vs. 2100: what are the differences?

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ok, so here is a list of the things that are diffrent between the two, if you wish to add something, reply. I am trying to compile a complete list so someone (like me) can make an informed choice:


-Diffrent memory amounts (RAM, not ROM). the 2000 has 4-5mb of ram in the 2000 depending on where you look, and the 2100 has 8mb. I know the 2100 splits the RAM down the middle, 4mb of DRAM, 4mb of FLASH (DRAM is used to run programs, FLASH is for program and doc storage). I am not sure how the 2000 splits it's RAm.

-Diffrent Newton logo. On the 2000, it used the older Newton with the lightbulb logo. On the 2100, it used an updated "Newton Technologies" with lightbulb.

-Diffrent Apple logo. On the 2000, it is the traditional pop-outable foil kind. On the 2100, it is on a raised circle, and (I think) is silkscreened, not a piece of foil.


can anyone think of anything else? and how does the increased RAM affect everything and anything? I know it is possible to add the RAM to the 2000 mobo.


-digital ;)

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The heap (dram) is the only significant difference between the two. The extra heap in the 2100 makes a huge difference to overall performance when you are running multiple apps, in my opinion.


and from this - while you can get both online, its only really worth it on the 2100. very painful on the 2000, very painful indeed.

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