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iMac G3 - damaged CD ROM data cable (part 922-3594)

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I believe I have a cable that needs replacing.


Recently I discovered an exploded battery and after close inspection it caused some damage to the CD-ROM data cable. In fact four pins from the socket have snapped off and are in fact stuck inside the data cable itself and I cannot get them out. 


I don't mind a non-apple part at all but I am not sure what I need. Does anyone know what kind of cable I need in terms of the connector?





If anyone can provide some guidance I would be grateful.


Kindest regards


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Hi Alex,


I repaired an Amiga recently with similar problem - pins snapped off the IDE connector. The cable is a standard IDE 40 pin cable, easily replaced.


You have two options of repair - rebuild the IDE connector (cutting away at the damaged black plastic with a blade then soldering new machine pins back through), or with the new IDE cable solder the three damaged wires directly to the PCB.

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From what I can remember, the disk drive connector in the iMac is slightly wider than an IDE cable. I don't think it is SCSI, but it was much bigger than the IDE connector on the hard drive. I would recommend checking to see if the connector from the hard drive fits the disk drive.

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