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Mac IIci exploded battery...

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I took apart 2 IIci boxes to find one of them had an exploded battery (pics below). I don't really need to keep it as chances are it's toast so if any of you need parts I have the box, the plastic floppy tower, the power supply (don't know if it works but the machine clicked when I turned it on which makes me think it does work), and the corroded logic board. Just pay shipping. There is no RAM or hard drive and the floppy is rusted.


The battery was purple so I don't think it was a Maxell. I know the original batteries were purple so it was probably an original.


The other IIci had a Sonneschein battery dated xx-08-91 and it was in perfect shape:




Here is pics of the explodification:



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Hopefully someone here will want to put the time into fixing it.

I have a IIci I got from belgaonkar that works perfectly and I have a second one that has leaked caps but otherwise looks good so I would rather give this one to someone that will show a little TLC and hopefully restore this magnificent machine. I bought 2 of them on craigslist a few months ago so I could have a parts machine but now that I bought the really nice one from belgaonkar I have 3. 

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I had three IIci boards, one of which had a battery that exploded. The one with the grenade in there was the only one that was fixable so far. All three boards were recapped, but only the one with the battery issue responded to the treatment.


So while that may look bad, it might work out ok. On mine I had to repair two traces that were right under the battery holder.

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