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I was walking with the fam a few weeks ago and found a dirty LC III on the side of the road.  


The bad:




-Broken auto-inject floppy (despite a break down, lube, etc, repair attempt)


The Good:


-160MB Hard Drive


-Came with VGA adapter screwed into the back monitor port


-32MB Ram Simm inserted


-Dirt was just that, machine wasn't banged or scuffed up so it cleaned up really nicely.  Minimal yellowing


-Came with Kid Pix installed ;)


I am having a blast and a trip down nostalgia row with this machine, because my first mac was a Perfoma 450.


So far I have:


-Replaced the floppy drive with a working unit from ebay


-Added 256k VRAM simm to max out system VRAM


-Replaced PRAM battery


Future Plans Include:  


-Order external SCSI CD Rom drive


-Upgrade OS to 7.5.5


-Load up with great games and programs of the era from the Macintosh Garden


-Overclock to 33mHz


-Try to find a "period correct" monitor (using a small Samsung TV with a PC input right now, which works great but looks a little off)



Any tips or ideas for this great little pizza box mac? 



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Definitely a nice find, especially for the low price of free though I'm guessing someone had put it out for trash/recycling.  Was just up that way last week (other side of the lake from you) and the weather was less than pleasant so it sounds like a stroke of luck that it's fully working apart from the floppy drive you already replaced.  Doubly so because it has an IBM hard drive as opposed to a Quantum or Conner.  I've only had 1 IBM drive go out on me while I've had loads of Quantums and Conners bite the dust.

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Can't tell by the photo whether you've already done it, but get the battery out of there.  They're a ticking time bomb.


Put a brand spanking new PRAM battery in there just a few days ago.


Nice!  I love curbside finds.  They don't come along very often anymore but they're just that much more satisfying.


I know right?  One mans trash truly is another mans treasure :)

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