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The upgrades train keeps on rolling

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I'm almost to the point that the only machines of mine that aren't upgraded will be the ones that can't be upgraded (iMacs/iBooks).  Helping me along on that quest are two new upgrades that showed up while I was on vacation, one for my G3 AiO and one for my SE.


The first one is for my G3 AiO, which is now "complete".  I may swap out the HD for a solid state later on but apart from that I've already added USB, Firewire, upgraded Ethernet and finally, a Sonnet Encore G4 @ 1GHz.  I had a slightly slower version before which has gone on to another machine but as far as I know, the 1GHz G4 was the fastest upgrade offered for the G3 ZIF machines.




The next upgrade is one that I was very excited to find, an Applied Engineering TransWarp '030 for my SE.  This takes it from the stock 68000 @ 8MHz to a 68030 @ 40MHz with a 68882 and 16MB additional RAM for a total of 20MB.  Right now I'm only able to use 16MB of the 20MB I have because I can't seem to find a copy of TransWarp Compact.  It's listed on the Mac Driver Museum but the link is the same as the Control Panel (which I snagged and works great) and the only other place that purported to have it has an empty file (Mac Repository) which isn't surprising since that site seems to have stolen most of its content from other sources.  In any event this card makes the little SE absolutely FLY!  I'm not sure I believe Apple Personal Diagnostics when they say how much faster it is than a Plus or a IIci but it certainly is a speed demon now.












Now the only machines I'll have left that can be upgraded but haven't been yet are my SE/30 (which needs to get a new mobo) and my G4 Cube (for which I need to get an upspec VRM to install the upgrade I have).

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I'm not sure I believe Apple Personal Diagnostics when they say how much faster it is than a Plus or a IIci but it certainly is a speed demon now.


You probably should, your virtual memory/silicon disk is running on the processor's 40MHz system bus, no? That's IIfx territory.


edit: Look for RAMdisk+ or equivalent to set yourself up with a persistent Silicon Disk HDD as your boot drive and benchmark it again. That setup was absolutely killer in the "extra" 4MB of my PB100. :ph34r:

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