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After looking on and off for over a year I seem to have finally snagged an ATTO UL5D SCSI 320 card for my G5 PCIE tower. These 8x PCIE SCSI cards seem to be the only ones that will work in a G5 PCIE machine. People list these as $50+ but I was lucky enough to find one for $20 shipped.


You can find dirt cheap PCIX SCSI cards for the older G5 towers from Adaptec.


Now I just need to find a better PCIE video card then the 6600 I have.

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There are about 3 to 5 cards compatible with the PCIe G5 (all of them better than the 6600). Personally I opted for the FX4500 but that might not be the best for every application. 

You can find cheap (paid about 25€ shipped for mine) PC cards and flash them with the Mac ROM later. Just make sure the card has VRAM on both sides.

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