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On 1/13/2020 at 1:29 AM, Bolle said:



If it works this will come along with the MacCon clones I am going to build for the SE/30.


It is now February 2021. One year has passed. What is the pricing and availability on this WIFI kit, and is it being made available separately or included with a MacCon Ethernet Clone?  Is the kit 100% complete, including the needed antennae pair?


And just to reconfirm, it is only possible to use WIFI or wired Ethernet and not both at the same time, correct?



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I won’t be making any of these because of the problems with the mPCIe connector described earlier in this thread.

I was looking into other DD-WRT based single board access points/routers and if one of those can be used for this but did not find anything that fits the use case.


So far I was only selling the boards as a wired only option included with my MacCon clone/accelerator adapter combo cards. Also my supply of transceiver ICs is slowly getting used up so there won’t be too many more of those coming.

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I've just found this thread and did not (yet) read it all. I just want make sure that you aware of this device: Onion Omega2


I've successfully connected to WIFI using a Linux Laptop as a PPP Bridge with the "slirp" package. I am also still experimenting with an ESP32 setup but thinking about that, I might just forget about the ESP and start using this Onion Device with OpenWRT. It should more or less "just work"

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Looks good, I have seen several similar modules. Downside is they all need 3.3V inputs, so I’ll have to include a regulator on the adapter/breakout board for that. Nothing too fancy though I did like the fact that the Vonets just hooks up to 12V and has its own regulator onboard.


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